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Ceiling problems can cause damage to your home and your health.
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Ceiling replacement costs and general ceiling board prices

Rhinoboard and Plaster Ceiling Repairs

Ceiling repair is very common especially when Rhinoboard or plasterboard is used. The big disadvantage of these types of ceilings is that they don’t repel water well. A geyser can burst and cause severe damage to a plasterboard ceiling. Even a leaking geyser without a drip tray can cause cracks and damage. Fortunately, these types are easy to fix.

Bathroom Ceiling Repair

A bathroom ceiling repair is quite common. Mold is often the cause of a rotting ceiling. Plasterboard can be removed and replaced with new plasterboard. The damaged area can be cut out with a Stanley knife and then a new piece of plasterboard installed. Or, sometimes, we replace the entire ceiling. Especially if you notice that the rest of the ceiling has become uneven over time.
For a novice, it can be tricky to do and the final product may not be as good as you’d hoped for. But for an experienced tradesmen it’s done easily.

Ceiling replacement costs and general ceiling board prices

Needing to replace your ceiling can be due to water damage, insect infestations, water damage, structural problems, sagging due to age and many more. A lot of the time, the damage can not be repaired and the only option will be replacement.  Costs will vary depending on the size of the ceiling and what material will be used for the ceiling replacement. Ceiling replacement costs and general ceiling board prices

ceiling repair in perth

Area of service Fourways

If you need the service of ceiling fixers within the Johannesburg area, we are always ready to go to your place and repair any kind of issue regarding your ceiling. Our registered agents provide services in and around all suburbs including

Sandton | Bryanston | Rivonia | Sunningdale | Bramley | Illovo | Hyde Park | Woodmead | Morningside | Sandhurst | Edenburg. Sandton | Fourways | Dainfern | Broadacres | Witkoppen | North Riding | Kya Sand | Magaliessig

We fix problems fast with NO fuss and leaving NO mess

We know that urgent action is essential, so we resolve your ceiling issues ASAP. Our repair service operates 24/7, ensuring that you will get immediate, professional help at any time. 

Whether you need slight maintenance work or a complete ceiling replacement, affordable, long-lasting, and hassle-free solutions are available right now.

Sandton | Bryanston | Rivonia | Sunningdale | Bramley | Illovo | Hyde Park | Woodmead | Morningside | Sandhurst | Edenburg. Sandton | Fourways | Dainfern | Broadacres | Witkoppen | North Riding | Kya Sand | Magaliessig


Frequently Asked Questions about Ceiling Repairs

One of the reasons may be due to water leaking from the roof. When this happens, weight accumulates on top of the ceiling plasterboard, pushing it down towards a breaking point where then you can clearly see the ceiling sag

Absolutely, yes! There are certain situations where a ceiling replacement is a better choice than repairs and could actually save you a lot of time and money. However, before you make a decision, it would be best for our team to complete an inspection for better insight on which choice would be best for you.

The cost of our ceiling repair services varies and will depend on many factors. However, we can guarantee that the prices we offer are among the cheapest in the ceiling repairs industry in Perth and that we have been delivering excellent value for over a decade. Get in touch with us for more information about our pricing and for a free quote today.

Ceiling Installation and Repair Pricing

For a better look and general aesthetic, we recommend that the whole ceiling is repainted to give a consistent look whether that is to match the current ceiling theme or create a new atmosphere.

This will depend on the extent of the damage. If it’s a minor ceiling repair, it usually it takes about 1-3 hours of work. However, a ceiling replacement or major repair could take around 1-3 days of work. We offer free, no-obligation quotes so call us for more info.

Yes, there are many cases of ceilings collapsing usually due to reasons like age and lack of suitable maintenance. If you see any signs of a damaged ceiling (for example sagging) then we recommend that you call us right away.

Absolutely! Our services are available 24/7, so we can conduct repairs as soon as you need it because we don’t want you to wait any longer than necessary to fix your ceiling issues.

It is not required for basic ceiling work to have any qualification or association but some of the common building associations include; NHBRC (National Home Builders Registration Council), SABISA (South African Building Interior Systems Association) and AAAMSA Group.

There are many different compounds and products we use to repair and replace ceiling boards. This is a few:

    • MULTI-REPAIR COMPOUND – Polyprene® An all rubber, universal roof repair cement used for flashings, seams, pitch pans, cracks, splits and making various repairs on all roof types.Voted the #1 repair compound among roofing professionals.
    • REPAIR REINFORCEMENT MESH – PolyCore™ Stitch bonded 100% polyester reinforcing membrane. The premier membrane for adding strength to critical roof areas and repairs.
    • Pelican Systems, Rhinolite Ceilings, Rhinoboard
    • ISOWall
    • Dulux
    • Den Braven
    • Powafix
    • Topps Products 
    • Prominent Paints
    • Gyroc
    • Knauf/AMF

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